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Gaurav Nimbalkar

Had a wonderful experience during 4 years tenure of preschool journey of our daughter Sanve. Thanks to Teachers of this school for enriching our child with quality education and values of life. I would highly recommend for all the parents seeking best preschool for their child.

Yug Sankla

My son Yug Sankala is studying in this school from Play group, now he is in UKG...i must say this school is the best school in PCMC... teachers are best in their teaching and also the Mavshi taking care of all childrens...

This school celebrate all festivals...

About study.... their are worksheet provided by school also the books which are very attractive and our child like to do their homework in that book...

As Yug is now in UKG ...he knows how to write all cursive spelling and also create spelling from phonics...also knows stories in English and in Hindi...also read Hindi simple words ..know the EVS... addition n Substraction in Maths...

My son basic is perfect's no need to go anywhere upto senior KG...

( We are living in Kasarwadi from 3 years....we don't want to leave the school....but it's only kindergarten....)

If someone is reading this review....this is my personal experience...not any Fake....

Please enroll ur child in this school no doubt...

Geetanjali Kople

School is too good. Teachers take many efforts for overall development of students by taking different activities. Also interact with parents for the progress of students.

Akanksha Patankar

Best preschool in PCMC. Children are learning new things each and every day. They participate in variety of activities and events and enjoy. They are having a great time and lots of fun too! The staff is also co-operative & caring.

Supriya Bhat

One of the best pre-schools in PCMC, very hard working and compassionate staff, the efforts put in by the schools is very evident in the Childs progress. Their learning methedology is also very up to the mark and dosent burden students and brings out best within the kids.

Savita Shetty

Excellent school for preprimary education. Teacher's and all support staff are excellent. They take care of child safety

Kaavya Kusal

Nice school and education system. It is very helpful to my daughter. She is very active and learnt many things in your school. Akshata miss is favourite to my daughter. She loves her. All teachers also very helpful and supportive. School is best.

Shalini Chavan

School is excellent, too much improvement in child, all teaching and non teaching staff is also good and cooperative

Harshal Pawar

Little Angels is the best pre-school in all prospects..

Shivesh Lokhande

A big thank you to all the teachers and staff for their dedication. Keep up the good work

Mithran Jai Ganesh

We are satisfied as Parents, One the best schools. Everyone supported our child...Akshada miss built my son skills. Thank you Ma'am

Rutvi Pawar​​​​​​​​​​​​

Little Angels is good in all prospect...we are really happy to be our child is part of Little Angels.

Ovi Deshpande​​​​​​​​​​​

My child has improved very nicely. Efforts are taken by Madhavi miss is not able to tell in words.. very thankful miss. No any suggestions. Thank you

Vihaan Kadam​​

Teachers are amazing and work hard supporting the children in whatever their needs. The management is very understanding and supportive.

Hridayee Sudrik

Overall development of Hridayee is very good. Special thanks to Madhavi miss. Hridayee got very attached to miss. Thank you Madhavi Mam for all your support and taking care of Hridayee. I am sure. You will always be her favourite miss. Thanks for all school staff for everything. Finally, Rajiv sir thanks for running this wonderful pre school.

Sharanya Shetty

Thanks Madhavi miss for everything. We have seen lots of improvement in sharanya since she has joined Little Angel's. We thank all the office staff and teacher's for putting efforts on development of our child.

Aaryan Nandavadekar

The Progress of our child is very good . Thanks Akashada Miss for this wonderful guidance

Disha Parte

Thanks a lot..... Madhavi miss. Your hard work in supporting my daughter as they develop. With your guidance, our daughter has developed into a confident and capable child. Thank you for being such an important part in our child’s development.

We are so grateful to have you as our child’s teacher.

Harsh Chakankar

We are happy with overall development of Harsh and we are looking forward for your guidance and support in upcoming academic year.

Dipendra Gawade

Excellent primary school in our teacher....good experience....we satisfied

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