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Annual gathering event was a great success and we enjoyed every bit of it.Your management and effort of the students looked amazing. All the little ones dancing, singing, fashion show and Talent show were heart touching  and wonderful.Specially the projects of all the classes according to their age group with innovative ideas are truly appreciable, laudable. Hats Off to the parents and teachers.
        Again Thanks 🙏🏻to the all the teachers Hiteshree Miss, Varsha Miss, Ankita Miss, Sharan Miss, Mayuri Miss for organizing such a great and memorable event.
           I still remember the early days of school when online classes just started.  Year 2020 was my son’s first year of school that too started online😀. I had to make my son sit on my lap to attend  classes as he is not used to sit at one place for long time. As the days passed my child evolve, grow and blossomed with confidence in academics and extra activities under Hiteshree Miss. Miss you always guided me with your wonderful teaching methodologies wherever I required for Vivaan’s progress .Thanks once again Miss. I am very glad to say Little Angles School is  BEST SCHOOL.


Feedback for an Annual Week

          Even though it was online still was spectacular 😎 we all enjoyed a lot, it was full of vivid events. Entire
arrangement was perfect. Kids participation as well parents participation was equal ...coz backup TEACHERS  is the main reason behind it.Our kids are getting ready for forthcoming schedule out of this. They have got encouraged over here. We can't imagine that...a Week can be an annual week yeah it was Indeed...Thank you all the teachers for timely notices... special thanks to Sharan Miss...for encouraging, arranging, completion, all the stuff...In this entire week we gone through a series with versatile themes, kids enrollment and entertainment. Even selection of events was indeed great, it has given scope for all rounder skills😎. Sometimes we also got familiar with our babies versatility. Projects,dance,talent, sports,festivals...many more we enjoyed. Major thing even in lockdown situation our kids are learning, performing,staging ...all made possible teachers🙏.It grows our confidence too...they learnt not wasted anything.Thank you ...Sharan miss for Timely...Things.Thank you Kumta Sir everydays guidance, inspiration and encouragement🙏.
Thank you Little Angels' School ...Team.
          Want to appreciate...Ankita Miss for encouraging all kids, Mayuri Miss too.
          Thank you...Once again Sharan miss, Hiteshree miss, Mayuri miss, Varsha miss, Ankita miss🙏.


Feedback for PTM... Sessions up till now excellent by you. As our progenies are capable of everything, as your time management, kids understanding, extra activities implementation So perfect 🙏. Kids are full of confidence, fully energize for every session as they are getting concepts so clearly, everyday for them as a workshop and they are enjoying...for this I'm really thankful to Sharan Miss...all favourite 👍😀. No suggestions for any other improvement for child... keep it up... Miss...thank you so much.

Priyadarshini Khanolkar​

Have enjoyed four days festival of annual gathering.Really overwhelmed by all the performances.
The sequence of the programmes for four days alongwith announcement of names of the  prize winners was unique. Also enjoyed the sparkling faces of the children on hearing their names as a winner. 
I really appreciate the way you encouraged siblings to participate in the programme.
Projects made by all the children were very artistic.
          Would like to congratulate all the teachers for taking utmost efforts to guide and prepare children to such an extent. I’d Also like to congratulate all the parents who have participated whole heartedly in all the programmes and ofcourse all the little ones who have participated in all the programmes enthusiastically. 
          Last but not the least would like to congratulate and thank Rajiv Sir who was present on all four days to encourage the little ones,  their parents and to cheer up all the teachers without whom this festival would not have been a success.
Wishing you all The best in all your future assignments.

Supriya Pathak

The online annual function was superb and flawless. The co-ordination among the teachers was appreciable. Though it was organised online for the first time, it went on smoothly. All the children performed extremely well. The kids were eager to see to their own performance and were very enthusiastic and happy to hear the announcement of the winners. Indeed hats off to all the teachers of Little Angels. Great job👏👏👏
It is not an easy task to train the tiny tots. You all have done a fab job.👍
We all really enjoyed the function.


When I had taken admission in nursery class for Rehansh that time he was lacking very much behind in writing, speaking, story telling.. as compared to other kids because of his 1 semister gap during lockdown. But today within 3 months I see a drastic change in him.. he writes A to Z and 1 to 20 completely.. Just a bit shabby but I am sure he will cover it up in few days.. He Tells stories and takes interest in learning new things.. Your patience, Trust and guidance has helped me to be patient and keep trust that he will improve.. I am really grateful to You Mam for all the support.. Thank you very Much.


What always struck me about this is that noon is one of the busiest parts of the day: the half day students are getting picked up, the afternoon batch Kindergarteners are beginning their afternoon work sessions. Due to it being really busy it would have been easy to ignore my daughter's concern, but Varsha miss did not. By hearing my daughter's concern and allowing her to go back in to console him she showed the importance of compassion. I also appreciated the fact that nothing was forced or coaxed; Varsha Miss simply enabled my daughter to act upon her natural instincts giving her the confidence to use proper decision making both at that moment and in the future.

Gaurav Nimbalkar

Another year has come to completion time. My daughter has joined Little Angels Playgroup & Nursery.
In these two years we have seen lots of development in her. Thanks to the efforts taken and management of the school.

We all have gone through difficult time of Covid-19, when the school visit here restricted totally. During this time your teachers especially Hiteshree madam had very proactively handled the class of Nursery and completed all sessions successfully.
All extra curricular activities and fun games were carried out effectively adding joy for everyone.
At last I would like to thank all teachers and management of Little Angel school for making this year successful for us.


Online Annual gathering was very unique idea and it turned out successfully.

4 days events organization was really nice.

Considering run time issues, backup of videos made event execution uninterrupted.

Congratulations to all teachers and organizers as Amid covid situation, we could enjoy Gathering function because of you.

Kudos to all kids 👏🏻👏🏻

Snehal Rajamane

I would like to congratulate and thank all the staff members, principal ma’am and lovely kids for a very delightful and wonderful experience. It was a terrific show which showcased the abilities of our little ones thereby making them more confident as a person. In short it was a grand success.


I felt it was a very difficult task in these Covid crises  but well managed by ur entire LAPN... u tried to engage & cover almost every child & aspires them ... Very well done😊👍🏻👍🏻


Annual function was amazing, wonderful and joyful event. The teachers of Little Angels school have beautifully coordinated it. Thank you Mayuri miss for the help and understanding  Zain and other class students.

PTM ..Thank you mam you cleared our all my concepts and problems explained us well. I’m greatfull to you


it was a brilliant  idea to conduct the  meeting online. I am happy  with Avneesh's  progress. School  is doing  their best to  make  each child  independent and give them the necessary  knowledge they  need  at this age. 👍👍👍


PTA was really helpful. your  advise will help me to develop Nihir in his weak areas. Keep guiding. Thank you for your efforts in Nihir.


It was a wonderful experience all four days... Kids enjoyed a lot.. And even got motivated to participate even more next year... Great efforts from the teachers... 👍👍​

U understood the need of the hour and took the PTM Online..... U were patient and listened to our problem and helped us find a solution... Usefull suggestions were given and are always availabe...


Annual function it was very nice. The function was very well organised. Kid's performed really beautiful and confidently.


Little Angels’ Playgroup & Nursery is the most incredible place.
My daughter had been enrolled since Oct 2012 and enjoys Little Angels’ more each day. The school has such a positive and vibrant atmosphere within nature, the teachers are beyond compare and they truly "get" my daughter. She feels invited & welcomed each morning by loving teachers and chirping love-birds. Wonderful Ambience amidst nature.
The unique educational syllabus has her learning without even realizing it and her desire for responsibility is far beyond her peers - she is the only one of her friends who willingly clears her place after meals. These are values which have been nurtured at Little Angels’. 
The whole staff works together to create a real family feel, with many activities where parents are encouraged to be involved.
It is a true pleasure to take my little one to school each day and see her blossom. So much so that her little brother is already on the wait list for when he turns 18 months!


At the age when you would want to hear nothing but praise, I repeatedly see my son acting with modesty and restraint. That's when I realized what he has become - a mature, sensible kid with lots of respect for himself and others. My son who is now 3 years (& two months) old and has been in Little Angels’ since 2012. We were very impressed with the nursery right from the first visit and were very confident of their ability to foster "love for learning" attitude in children. It’s been close to 2 years at Little Angels’ and we are amazed by the way our son has evolved, not only in academics, but also as a fine human being. He is very kind to everyone and tells me often that every kid in his class is his best friend. Teachers and staff of Little Angels’ have the biggest role in imparting the children with great moral values. It is truly a reflection of what the teachers inculcate in the classroom. In a world of cut throat competitiveness and deceit, we are proud that our son is a reflection of honesty, diligence and empathy. And the true credit goes to Little Angels' for shaping the future leaders of this great country to not just think of themselves but also about others around them. Affable, Moral and Sincere - Little Angels’!!!


First & foremost, I like Little Angel school activity and teaching pattern and the teachers are very active, co-operative and friendly. The activity for color day and teaching poem and all the portion pattern was good that my child can understand and we parents are also happy.


In the loving environment at Little Angels’, my son has blossomed into a curious, caring, independent individual. He really enjoys learning and is so excited about reading! Due to the Montessori structure and techniques, I think he's becoming well-equipped to lead others as he grows.


Tanisha enjoys and loves to go to school everyday. She sings poems and prayers with action at home. There has been a good improvement in her since she joined the school. Appreciate teacher's efforts and her approach towards every individual child. Thank you.


We are happy with the activities taken in the school and atmosphere over it. We will take care of the instructions given regarding Pradya's progress.

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