Little Angels’ Playgroup & Nursery is the most incredible place.
My daughter had been enrolled since Oct 2012 and enjoys Little Angels’ more each day. The school has such a positive and vibrant atmosphere within nature, the teachers are beyond compare and they truly "get" my daughter. She feels invited each morning with the chirp of birds.
The unique educational syllabus has her learning without even realizing it and her desire for responsibility is far beyond her peers - she is the only one of her friends who willingly clears her place after meals. These are values which have been nurtured at Little Angels’.
The whole staff works together to create a real family feel, with many activities where parents are encouraged to be involved.
It is a true pleasure to take my little one to school each day and see her blossom. So much so that her little brother is already on the wait list for when he turns 18 months!


What always struck me about this is that noon is one of the busiest parts of the day: the half day students are getting picked up, the afternoon batch Kindergarteners are beginning their afternoon work sessions. Due to it being really busy it would have been easy to ignore my daughter's concern, but Varsha miss did not. By hearing my daughter's concern and allowing her to go back in to console him she showed the importance of compassion. I also appreciated the fact that nothing was forced or coaxed; Varsha Miss simply enabled my daughter to act upon her natural instincts giving her the confidence to use proper decision making both at that moment and in the future.


In the loving environment at Little Angels’, my son has blossomed into a curious, caring, independent individual. He really enjoys learning and is so excited about reading! Due to the Montessori structure and techniques, I think he's becoming well-equipped to lead others as he grows.


At the age when you would want to hear nothing but praise, I repeatedly see my son acting with modesty and restraint. That's when I realized what he has become - a mature, sensible kid with lots of respect for himself and others. My son who is now 3 years (& two months) old and has been in Little Angels’ since 2012. We were very impressed with the nursery right from the first visit and were very confident of their ability to foster "love for learning" attitude in children. It’s been close to 2 years at Little Angels’ and we are amazed by the way our son has evolved, not only in academics, but also as a fine human being. He is very kind to everyone and tells me often that every kid in his class is his best friend. Teachers and staff of Little Angels’ have the biggest role in imparting the children with great moral values. It is truly a reflection of what the teachers inculcate in the classroom. In a world of cut throat competitiveness and deceit, we are proud that our son is a reflection of honesty, diligence and empathy. And the true credit goes to Little Angels' for shaping the future leaders of this great country to not just think of themselves but also about others around them. Affable, Moral and Sincere - Little Angels’!!!


First & foremost, I like Little Angel school activity and teaching pattern and the teachers are very active, co-operative and friendly. The activity for color day and teaching poem and all the portion pattern was good that my child can understand and we parents are also happy.


I am very glad that my son is a part of Little Angel's. Amazing environment for kids to learn and grow and fantastic Teacher to help them grow. A special thank to teacher. Everything is perfect.


Amogh is happy going to school. He is learning nursery rhymes and is talking about the school. He has also developed the liking for books and developed interest in recognizing the surroundings.


Tanisha enjoys and loves to go to school everyday. She sings poems and prayers with action at home. There has been a good improvement in her since she joined the school. Appreciate teacher's efforts and her approach towards every individual child. Thank you.


Thanks a lot. I am very happy with Little Angel school. His behavior is also improved. His interest in story telling and colouring interest is also developed.


Wonderful Ambience amidst nature. My daughter is welcomed each morning by loving teachers and chirping love-birds :) Thanks Little Angels for the personal attention given to my daughter Devashri


This school has provided my son with excellent confidence. I need not have to teach him at home as all the learning is done in the school only. He does his homework happilly.


Very good and co-operative staff. Good improvement in my Child. So many thanks to all of Little Angel's.


We are much satisfied the way he is interacting with others and the activities. Teacher has given valuable input as to what my kid is doing and how his behavior and how to improve them. Overall it was satisfactory. Thank you.


Improved a lot in her  study.  I am happy how teacher take interest in each and every child to improve them.  I can suggest if you can include more of creative work like craft or play.


We are happy with the activities taken in the school and atmosphere over it. We will take care of the instructions given regarding Pradya's progress.


I am very much satisfied with my daughter's improvement. She is very fond of her teacher and she shows good interest to learn and obey what ever her teacher teaches.


My son happily goes to school and interacts with other children. He likes his teacher and I am thankful to teacher for helping my child to improve himself.


Rohan is talking in home. I can suggest if can include more of creative work like writing. Rohan is changed. His eating habits have changed positively.


Neev’s behavior is changed. His eating habits are changed. He is attentive & listens everything and his writing skill improved a lot.


I am happy to see my son improving. Thanks to whole staff & Little Angels' School for his better performs


His confidence level is improved and he has started getting  mixed up with other children.


Richal likes to come to school regularly especially because of her teacher. She should participate in all activities and if needed we are always ready to help in all aspects. Thank you.


Bhakti has become very bold after coming to this school. Initially she was very quite but now I can see lot of improvement .