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Nirmala Kumta

To provide quality education involving superior value and fun filled activities to each child, improving personal guidance, learning and counseling and thereby uplifting & enhancing the quality and happiness of every family entrusting their little angel to us..



To pioneer and lead pre-school education in India with cost-effective learning programs and valuable child growth solutions involving parents, grandparents and families they serve, while improving quality and effectiveness in every area of kindergarten education yielding meaningful and positive impact on our community and society at large. We believe investing in each child today is investing in our future.

Our LAPN... Our Story...

Mrs. Nirmala Kumta, Founder of LAPN...a humble beginning...

Mrs. Nirmala Kumta, Founder Principal of Little Angels' Playgroup and Nursery, dedicated almost her entire life in the field of child counselling, teaching and overall education, spanning over a period of 50 years.

She graduated in Hindi & Marathi from Bombay University & SNDT and started her career at the Hindustan Antibiotics School, Pimpri. After a few years of service at HA school, she was handpicked by Sister Nicholas to join St. Ursula's High School, Nigdi. Meanwhile, she qualified herself as a teacher for small children by obtaining Montessori Certification.

During her tenure at St. Ursula’s, she initiated path breaking activities in the school like 'Calisthenics' early in the 1970's and was involved in all activities of the school including annual day function and national Flag Hoisting Function to name a few.

Mrs. Kumta also focused on public speaking and workshops on child guidance and learning during school programs and also actively participated in group activities with her colleagues.

After retirement, she founded Little Angels' Playgroup & Nursery in 1988 with few students. She brought in lot of activities which were unique, innovative and creative and wholeheartedly involved herself with children during celebration of festivals like Gokul-ashtami, Sankranti, Christmas party, Holi, Puppet Shows, Raksha-Bandhan etc.

She also organized Theme based projects, Fancy dress competition and School Picnic and Nature tours every year.

She was keen on celebrating each annual day in her own way at our Little Angels' premises even during its early years. Though not satisfied as all parents could not enjoy the function due to lack of space and hence she shifted the venue for our  annual gathering to the PCMC Auditorium from 1999 so that our tiny Little Angels' could perform on a large stage at such a young age. It is very important to note that all children of our school take part in cultural programmes and they can be proud of the fact that their first performance was at the largest auditorium of Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune i.e. Ramakrishna More Natyagraha.

Nirmala Kumta
Nirmala Kumta

Experienced Staff of LAPN.

LAPN has excellent and experienced teaching staff members often referred to as 'Navratna' who help shape your Child's early academic career. Life at Little Angels’ Playgroup and Nursery is all about fun and freshness, nature and exploring, energy, curiosity and learning. Our little angels' quickly acclimatize & become familiar with the ambiance & facilities, campus, child counselors and teachers within the first month itself. Come learn about child life at Little Angels' and register for your first year of coursework. In addition, you will receive academic advisement and be able to meet current faculty, staff and ex-students.

Our Classrooms & Play-area:

When Parents first visit a Little Angels’ classroom, they're often astonished — both by the level of activity and by how clean & tidy, well arranged, quiet and abundantly spacious the classroom is. The Little Angels’ philosophy of allowing children to self-direct their activities encourages self-discipline too. Our thoughtfully optimized class size per classroom, well ventilated and aerated classrooms provide the perfect feel and freshness to each of our little angels' to get truly interested in what they’re doing, it’s easy for them to become absorbed, and to absorb more knowledge.

This same philosophy extends to and includes out-of-doors activities, where children are encouraged to play, explore,  discover and learn in our own gardens amidst a true ‘nature’ driven ambience!

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