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Quest for  Academic Excellence

We have the most innovative and well thought syllabus generated out of more than 33 years’ of experience in child guidance, counseling and education — our approach is based on traditional ‘Gurukul’ and modern day ‘Montessori’ method — concentrates on tender skills that include early classroom adaptation, logical thinking, problem solving, social understanding, physical coordination, creativity and positive character traits such as sharing, obedience and discipline, cooperation and self-control as well as emphasis on moral, family and social values.

Our generic and evolved pattern allows your child to develop the critical-thinking skills and intellectual curiosity that fuels success in the classroom and beyond.

By adhering to the Montessori philosophy to help nurture all these areas of your child’s development, Little Angels’ is today known for creating outstanding global citizens with a strong intellectual curiosity. We proudly boast of the best alumni in Chinchwad, Pimpri and Pune areas.

Our educators / child counselors give our little angels’ responsive, individualized attention to help them build their skills in these five important areas:

• Sensorial development and Perception

• Self-Help
• Language
• Physical and Motor Skills
• Social and Emotional Growth

Glimpse on Sensorial Development​ (a short example)

Introduction to Sensorial
Cylinder Blocks
The Pink Tower
The Broad/Brown Stair
The Long Stair (Red Rods)
Knobless Cylinders
Sound Cylinders
Smelling Bottles
Touch Boards
Touch Tablets
Baric Tablets
The Color Tablets
Binomial Cube
Geometric Solids
Geometry Cabinet
Presentation With Cards​


Constructive Triangles

Triangular Box
​Large Hexagonal Box
Small Hexagonal Box
Rectangular Box "A"
Rectangular Box "B"

Trinomial Cube

Music in the
Montessori Environment
Sensorial Variations
God Bless my Mummy

Advanced Programs 



                December & January

Acitivities:    Kindergarten Projects, Picnic,
                    Doctor's & Dental Check-up.


                February & March

Acitivities:    Annual Gathering Function held at   RAMKRISHNA MORE PREKSHAGRUH where all children of age 2  to  3 1/2 perform & dance on big stage.



The above mentioned syllabus is only an overview along with a brief example to sight.  A detailed month-to-month wide syllabus and overall covered curriculum pattern can be availed from teaching staff at your Little Angels' Playgroup & Nursery covering Playgroup, Nursery, LKG and Sr KG.

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