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Our Admission Process is equipped to offer the best-suited course aligned as per the child's age and physiological growth.


Playgroup     :   About 2 years and onwards

Nursery         :   2 years, 5 months onwards

LKG               :   3 years, 5 months onwards

Sr.KG            :   4 years, 5 months onwards


Applicants can bring the following documents along with the Form :

1.    Copy of  Birth Certificate and 1 Photo.

2.    Birth Certificate to identify the date of birth,

3.    Copy of  Address proof and identity (Passport/PAN Card/Ration Card/Aadhar card etc)



Please fill in the form below to secure admission.


Kindly bring Rs. 100 (Form Fee) and/or Rs. 1000 (Admission Fee) to reserve your child's admission.

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